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Medad Personal

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Medad Personal version was released for academic & Personal use for Free*. This edition includes many features:

1. User friendly interface.
2. The use of open source database which eliminate any additional cost on the end-user.
3. The software can easily be reset to its default state making repeated use by other users in a classroom environment a snap without having to reinstall the software.
4. Compatible with all Windows systems including Windows 10.

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The following table compares the different editions of the software:

 Feature Medad Personal Medad BasicMedad Pro
GL System  Yes  YesYes 
 Transactions  Yes  YesYes 
AR Vouchers  No  YesYes 
AP Vouchers  No YesYes 
 Cost Centers No YesYes 
 GL Tree Modification  Yes  YesYes 
 Reports  Yes  YesYes 
 End of the Year Closing  Yes  YesYes 
 Sales System  No  NoYes 
 Purchasing System  No  NoYes 
 HR System  No  NoYes 
 Inventory System  No  NoYes 
 Fixed Assets System  No  NoYes 
 User's Level Privileges  No  YesYes 
Create new users  No  YesYes 
Embedded Report Designer   No  YesYes 
Export reports to Excel  No  YesYes 
Ability to set a password for each user  No  YesYes 
Database Reset.
 Yes  No
* Additional services like installation, maintenance, training, are not included

General Features:

  • Multi branches support
  • Bilingual: English, Arabic
  • Can work with Hijri Calendar
  • Multitasking support, provides the user with the ability to work on more than one transaction at a time
  • Easy to use backup method to backup database files
  • Powerful search engine
  • User defined reports
  • Data drilling methods to get to the details of each transaction

Accounting Features:

  • Easy to use and rebuild GL Tree.
  • Searchable GL Tree that can be reached from any screen inside the system.
  • GL can handle up to 20 levels.
  • Can produce Trial Balance report from different levels in the same report.
  • Customer-created reports.
  • Can control who posts directly to the system.
  • Monthly closing gives you more control over your transactions.
  • End of the year closing flexibility allows you to work on the new year transactions before closing the previous year.
  • Automatically update your opening balance from previous year, as many times as needed.
  • Automatically calculates your fixed assets depreciation. 
  • Powerful reporting and search capabilities gives you the details you are looking for in seconds.